Facebook couple died after after power strike

A young man and a young woman were killed (Jan. 16) when they were caught in a power outage in a small plot of land in the Pitawela area in the Kolonna police area, police said.

The deceased has been identified as a 17-year-old resident of Pitawela village in Kolonna and a 26-year-old resident of No. 18, Wadu Maduwa, Dikwella, Matara.

This young woman has been having an affair with a young man living in the Matara area through Facebook.

It is reported that the land owner has fled the area by now. Kolonna Police are conducting further investigations.

The boy had arrived at the girl’s house in Pitawela, Kolonnawa on a motorbike last night (16) to meet her.

The young girl’s father had overheard the boy and girl talking at night and the father had turned on the lights in the house. At that moment, they had gone to a small plot of cinnamon land adjacent to it, where they had become entangled in a power line drawn by the owner to hunt animals and died.