The protest will again take into the streets – Ven. Ulapane Sumangala Thero

Ven. Ulapane Sumangala Thero, the organizer of the National Unity against Teachers ‘and Principals’ Salary Anomalies says that the struggle of teachers and principals will not be subject to the fox voice or fox laws of Minister Sarath Weerasekara.

He said that despite being presented to thousands of courts, this just fight would be brought back to the streets and challenged to stop it while possible.

He said this whil he was addressing a media briefing in Colombo.

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers ‘Union Joseph Stalin says that the government’s position on the issue of teachers’ salaries should be made public before the school reopens.

He also said that the government should reveal its position as it is becoming clear that it is pursuing a repressive policy instead of resolving the issue.