A Request was made for the legalization of cannabis in Sri Lanka

The Social Democratic Party of Sri Lanka (SLFP) calls for the legalization of cannabis for self-immunization.

Its secretary Thusitha Balasuriya has made this request in writing to the government and the president.

He also said that while using cannabis to boost immunity around the world, it is unfortunate that Sri Lankans are not allowed to use cannabis, which is an ayurvedic as well as a local medicine.

He called on the government and the president to legalize cannabis with regulations for adult use.

He points out that it is an important and revolutionary decision to be taken for the betterment of the people of this country as well as for the upliftment of indigenous medicine.

According to local and foreign researchers, cannabis can be used to control coronavirus, a deadly form of pneumonia.

The secretary also reminded that in some states in the United States, cannabis is distributed free of charge to those who have received the corona vaccine.