How does BTS J hope to surprise Suga by sending him a custom made coffee truck? “We look like a couple”-SOPE

BTS Suga and J hope to have the best relationship ever. Many videos showed how J hope made suga feel special. Also, Suga was always searching for J hope when he feeling down. It is well known that J hope is the sunshine of the team and he’s the happy pill for everyone.

This happened while Suga was shooting August D “Deachwita” song. It was a sugar solo song and it touched many k pop lovers around the world. This song is the reason behind Suga gets the nickname August-D. Many people adore (Minyoongi) Sugas this epic come back with the mixtape


Suga was so excited about the shooting.            ” Today, we’re shooting the music video for Dechwita the title track of my mixtape D-2. Right now I’m playing the king (wang). I have to play the role of the mad king. Never done it, but ill give it a shot” he said on the shooting sketch video.

The other amazing fact is Jin and Jungkook also took part in the video as background actors


“Were background talent, we’re here as backgrounds, Don’t think of us as BTS, We are Kim Seok-Jin actor and Jeon Junk-kook actor. Yoongi begged us to be in this. He was like ‘please in it, please just once’ ” Jin said in the shooting background sketch video.

After Minyoongi saw Jins and Jungkooks makeover he was so impressed with the change. He was genuinely amused and greet them with a big smile.” That, That looks real” Suga was surprised by Jin’s realistic makeover.
“I didn’t know, it’d be so intense.” Jin replied to Sugas reaction.”I didn’t know it either,”  Suga replied. Jin was also amazed by the change and told the staff that it is an amazing makeover.

The video revealed J hopes for a visit to the set.
” Looking good why’ d you rip that open” showing his coustiyum. Hobi asked Suga and he replied saying “I looked even better yesterday”

Every member on the team was well aware that how stressful is to shoot a solo video so he decided to send a custom made coffee truck to cheer his buddy. It was personalized in pink and blue colour and instead of a regular coffee truck.

The video show “I came to do my brother proud, Min Suga is the best Hope of SOPE, Hobi didn’t come empty-handed” J hope didn’t forget to add his and Sugas photos in front of the coffee truck.

Coffe truck also with a banner showing Sugas picture wearing Daechwita blond wig and J hopes to place in it.

 J hope also included a standing tarpaulin made with sugars favourite pictures were retaken while they were at a strawberry farm. The fact fans amused is the photo was taken by J hope.

Jin was also amazed by J hopes surprise. “I am jealous of Yoongi getting a present from a Superstar,” he said

“Yeah I brought a coffee truck, I’d never done anything like this before.” J hope replied.

Jin even put a custom made Sticker on his phone and J hope followed him.

When Suga finally see the coffee truck he was very happy.

Suga: Is that a coffee truck
J hope: I got it especially for you
Suga: Thanks

Suga came into the place running soon after he got the news. “Coffee coffee coffee has it all” J hope started to rap showing the truck.

But when Jungkook came into the place he noticed something special” But normally, a normal coffee truck would be covered with Sugas pictures, they are all Hobis pictures” Jungkook said. Then J hope revealed that the design team asked him to send his pictures that’s why he sends them.

Then Suga replied to them with the iconic phrase” we look like a couple” but the editor don’t forget to add how he feels in the subtitles “embarrassed He’s feeling great inside”

All in all, J hopes the goal to make Suga happy while shooting is succeeded.

“J hope sent me the coffee truck, I don’t think I have ever received a coffee truck on my set before. Im touched. Thank you! Thanks, J hope! You are the best! ” Suga said
” Seeing Yoongi having so much fun shooting makes me excited as well I hope his music video will look great. Hope he enjoyed the coffee” J hope said

When Suga hosted in Honey FM on V live day after the release of Daechwita song Hobi was invited as the guest artist and Armies found how sugars touched with J hopes action.

Suga: You came to cheer me up while I was shooting right?
J hope: Yes as soon as I arrived I saw Jin and Jungkook participating as cameos

Then J hope revealed the real reason why he came to the set that day
J hope: Suga constantly asked me to come
Suga: no way
Yoongi tried to deny it saying he didn’t mean to put pressure on him.

J hope: He wanted me to visit the pace
Suga: No No, I didn’t put any pressure on you you are exaggerating

But then J hope explained how Suga was disappointed when he didn’t visit the place while Suga was working on his first mixtape four years ago. Suga accepts the fact without hesitating to say that he was in fear Hobi will not visit him for the second time.

J hope- Suga must have been disappointed because I didn’t come when he made the first mixtape back then.

Suga: I thought you may not come the second time, I tried not to have expectations

In one video “In the soop” Jimin read an article about J hopes to send a Coffee truck to Suga.

Jimin: Suga BTS takes a photo with J hopes Coffe truk
J hope: It was a confidence booster for Yoongi.
Jimin: How do You do it?
J hope: I don’t know I just told our company that I wanted to send a coffee truck.

Hobi also revealed it was more expensive than e bought and Jimin was surprised by the price after J hope to tell him

Despite the price, Army found  this action was a all success.