Officials threatened to show corona deaths in homes as ordinary deaths

The Negombo Grama Niladhari Association says that some Grama Niladharis have decided to resign from their profession as they are under various threats and pressures to recognise covid 19 related deaths that happened in houses as normal deaths.

 “This influence is an offense under criminal law. Although it is up to the Grama Niladharis to make an independent decision on a death, such pressure can lead to suspicion of that death. It is unfortunate that there are medical professionals among influencers. ” The Secretary of the Association said.

He said that although there was a significant reduction in the number of covid deaths due to the fact that Kovid deaths in the home were recognised as normal deaths, it was a great national crime and would lead to a catastrophic situation.

He also stressed that by exerting this kind of influence by different parties it is inevitable that it will spread further into a large scale pandemic instead of ending the corona epidemic.

The Deputy Director General of Health Services, Dr. Hemantha Herath has been contacted regarding the incident.He has stated that he has not been informed about the incident so far and that action will be taken to inform the Provincial Director as soon as possible. He has also stated that an investigation is being carried out in this regard.

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