Aranul gemstone recently found in the Pelmadulla area is not that worth

Experts in the field comment on the value of the 510 kg Aranul gemstone recently found in the Pelmadulla area

Palitha Gunasekera, a former Assistant Valuation Officer of the State Gem Corporation says that this gemstone is not as valuable as the National Gem and Jewellery Authority says.

He further said that all the gems are dead and that the gems are not transparent and have no value, but that they can be sold to museums for as little as one million rupees.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Ratnapura Gem Museum, L.L.A. Mr Nandana states that the name of Sri Lanka will be discredited due to such activities

He stated that he had a similar gem in his possession and that the gem was not worth more than three or four lakhs of rupees.

 However, the Gem and Jewellery Authority said that the gem was worth around Rs. 2,000 million and that steps would be taken to sell it at a foreign auction at the discretion of the owners.