Is it enough to wear a face shield instead of a mask?- Health Promotion Bureau has issued a special statement

The answer is it’s not enough!

By wearing a face mask, we hope to minimize the spread of the virus from one infected person to another through space.

This depends on how effective the filter is with a mask, as well as how well it fits the face.

However, the protection provided by a face shield is to prevent the spread of germs directly into the face by someone close to you.

In case you find it difficult to maintain personal distance, you may want to wear a face shield in addition to a face mask to prevent drops from falling directly on your face.

In addition, the use of a face shield can be recommended to prevent dirt from falling onto the face mask.

This helps to protect the face mask, especially for hospital staff who frequently deal with patients with symptoms such as cough.

But it is never advisable to use a face shield as a substitute for a face mask. Wearing only a face shield without a face mask does not provide the desired protection.

There is another point that needs to be emphasized when discussing this. It needs to be highlighted that Wearing a face mask is just one tactic we use to protect ourselves from this plague and it does not provide 100 per cent protection.