India had increased the vaccine price from 200%

The Serum Institute of India has informed the State Ministry of Pharmaceuticals and Supplies that the 600,000 vaccines can be given within two weeks if it agrees to buy the AstraZeneca Covshield vaccine for the US $ 15 million.

The agency had previously offered one dose for a $ 5 vaccine, and the state ministry has asked Serum to provide the vaccine for $ 10.

Twelve lack and sixty thousand AstraZeneca vaccines have been received in the country so far. Six hundred thousand people in the Western Province who were given the first dose of this vaccine could not be given the second dose.

The second dose should be given within 16 weeks after the first dose, but the second dose has not yet been given due to a lack of vaccine. The medical opinion is that not giving the second dose in time will not produce antibodies.

Meanwhile, another 50,000 doses of the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine are due to arrive on the island today (May 28). Previously, Sri Lanka received 15,000 vaccines as the first dose.

The Epidemiology Unit states that the second dose may not be the same as the first dose and the second dose may be a different formulation.

Accordingly, the State Ministry of Drug Regulation and Production has instructed Russia to provide 65,000 vaccines for the second dose within two weeks.

However, the Association of Specialist Physicians has also instructed Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi to carry out the vaccination process scientifically without politicizing it.