Policeman Hit a car Driver in Kandy Colombo road

Policeman hit a car driver in Kandy Colombo road

A video of a person who is wearing a police t-shirt hitting a car driver is sharing on social media.

According to the video the incident happened in Yakkala junction near ganemulla cushion works in Kandy Colombo road on Wednesday(May 05)

“A bus belonging to Sri Lanka police was traveling from Kandy to Colombo and even it was signaling continuously asking for space it wasn’t any enough space until I come near to the Ganemulla cushion works,” the car driver said.

After he slows and stops the car the police bus came overtook his car and a few of them started to hit him even before he explained the situation and snatch his car key and threw it away into the garbage strain nearby.

A bike driver who witnesses the incident explained how the police bus was carelessly derived and explained how even he was in danger of an accident.

Public request the attention of all the higher authorities in Sri Lanka Police about the incident.