War commemoration monument at Jaffna University reopens

The newly constructed war memorial monument at the Jaffna University was declared open today (April 23).

The University Students’ Union took action to demolish the monument which had been erected earlier after it was stated as an illegal construction by the decision of the University Grants Commission.

However, it was strongly opposed by university students as well as civil society and political organizations in the North and the university students continued to protest against the decision.

During the discussions between the student union and the university administration, the university administration agreed to rebuild the monument and the construction work started on January 15.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna, Sri Sathgunarasa, who was invited to inaugurate the war memorial today(April 23), was admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital on yesterday(April 22)due to a sudden heart attack.

But the University students have opened the war memorial despite of all the circumstances.