Pushpika with her defender and bodyguards and politics behind her; What really happened in the Mrs Sri lanka 2021

Mrs Sri lanka beauty queen Pushpika de Silva arrived to the Kuruduwaththa police station recently accompanied by Defender vehicles and bodyguards, Samagi Jana Balawega MP Harin Fernando said.

He points out that she came because of political power and that there is a politics behind her.

Pushpika de Silva is working with the intention of politicizing Polonnaruwa and that she took to the stage for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s victory in the last presidential election; He further said

Meanwhile Chula padmendra gave an interview what really happened during the event. Also she explained that everything happened highlighting just one contestent and they were informed the pannel even before the finals.

But the organisation didn’t listen to them bebause there was a unseen power controled the whole event and also she explained how organizers had made more mini pageants to highlight just one person.

She further explained that if the national organizations needs to send certain person they could have just nominated her without wasting the time and money of the other contestents.

Also she said she don’t have any personal issue with the winner but how the event happened was upsetting her.

She said because of the event didnt have any auditing team they have a question how the judges who do not understand sinhala gave marks to the participants answer in sinhala in the final 7 round. She said these while joining to a event in a youtube channel.