The man who shipped from Australia to UK in a wooden crate : searching for his two friends Paul and John

Brian Robson the person who shipped from Australia to UK is looking for his two Irish friends who helped stuff him into a wooden crate in 1965 and ship him home to the U.K. in the mail.

He was 19 years old at that time and had travelled from Cardiff, Wales, to Melbourne, Australia, to work for Victorian Railways.

But after came to Melbourne in 1964 he regretted the decision and became worried with homesick.

But quitting his job and flying home wasn’t easy as he had a contract with the Australian government to stay and work for two years.

If he broke the contract, he has to pay back the money the country spent for him which was around £700. But his monthly wage was £40 at that time and it was impossible to find that amount of money easily.

But his two buddies executed an unconventional plan. They took a wooden crate and it was enough to barely fit inside with his knees folded up to his chest. He only had a bottle of water, a flashlight, an empty bottle, a small suitcase, a pillow and a hammer to break out.

Then they covered it with labels that read “Fragile,” “Handle with care” and “This side up.”The parcel was scheduled to fly from Melbourne to London within 36 hours.

He explained how terrifing the journey was and how he ended up in USA instead of UK. He thankfull for America because he was treated nicely.

Many years later he had written a book named
“The Crate Escape”. Also he told the media that “I’d love to find them again.”