Dozens of people are dead ; Mozambique militant assault

Dozens of people are dead following an attack on the town of Palma in northern Mozambique, spokesperson from the country’s defence department said.

Seven were killed while trying to escape a siege on a hotel and hundreds of others, including both locals and foreigners, were reportedly rescued.

The armed group is reported to have taken control of Palma and the militants launched a attak on Wednesday and the offensive armed group targetted shops banks and a military barraks. with this issue more than 100 workers and civilians took refuge in the town’s Amarula Palma hotel.

Some were escaped by vehicles aiming to the nearest beach and reportedly around 20 people were escaped from helicopters. but others were ambushed outside the hotel on Friday.

Who were escaped the hotel on Friday and were evacuated by boat on Yesterday (March 28)morning. Boats would be returning on Today (March 29)to rescue others.

Civilians living and working in the area co-ordinating the rescue effort. Col Lionel Dyke, whose private security firm, Dyck Advisory Group, is contracted by the Mozambique police in the area explained the situation in the area as” The town and beaches are strewn with bodies with heads and without.”

It is reported that Militants linked to the Islamic State (IS) group are behind the conflict.