Body-editing apps trigger eating disorders ; Instagram and TikTok

Eating disorder charities explained that, Body-editing apps advertised on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are triggering young people with eating disorders.

Most of these apps use to alter body parts in the images and viedeos. They are providing tools to make waists slimmer and adding muscles to the body.

The charities explained that the company’s should be aware effect and must consider the impact on vulnerable peoples body image.

But Tik Tok rejected the concerns and said the apps did not break advertising guidance of the platform and they are continuing to enhance the apps as the appa encouraging the body positivity.

But some of the social media platforms banned apps like fasting apps and weight toss suppliments last year .

Hope Virgo, a eating disorder campaigner said to” stop this unhealthy and unhelpful messaging,” as these had a linked to sever increase of eating disorders during last year pandemic period.