First known baby with COVID-19 antibodies born to a women in US

A woman in south Florida recently gave birth to the first known baby born with Covid-19 antibodies “after maternal vaccination”. Two pediatricians had claimed the result and she had received one dose of coronavirus vaccine while she was pregnant. This claim has yet to be peer reviewed but the doctors had presented their finding in a preprint article.

Childs mother was a frontline healthcare worker and she had received her first dose of the Moderna vaccine in January at 36 weeks pregnant.

Drs Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick s paper states that they had detected antibodies after analyzing umbilical cord blood at time of delivery. Also they explained that the baby girl is a “vigorous, healthy”.

They further explained in the paper “Thus, there is potential for protection and infection risk reduction from Sars-CoV-2 with maternal vaccination.”

Then they said to the West Palm Beach ABC affiliate ; “To our knowledge, this was the first in the world that was reported of a baby being born with antibodies after a vaccination,”
Also Gilbert told to the West Palm Beach ABC affiliate
“We tested the baby’s cord to see if the antibodies in the mother passed to the baby, which is something we see happen with other vaccines given during pregnancy.”

however that further research is needed to find whether infants are protected by these antibodies. Also their article had accepted for the publication and they were waiting for it to be posted officially on the journal’s site.