A school girl has died after after been beaten by a cane in a witchcraft treatment.

A nine year old shool girl had died after a beated by a cane in Kanduboda area in Meegahawaththa.
The girl and her mother went to a “Devalaya ” that belonged to a women for treatment. The women in the treatment centre had anointed some oil before start to beat the girl with a cane. The women done this treatment to dispel the alleged ‘evil spirits’ from the victims body.
The child had fainted and had lost consciousnes while she is beaten by the women. The child was in a critical condition and had been admitted to the Biyagama Hospital.
The police States that Later the girl was pronounced dead upon admittance to the hospital.
post mortem was carried out by the Mahara Acting Magistrate and the women of the treatment center and the girls mother was arrested over the incident.