21 Countries Support Sri lanka While 15 against at the UNHRC

During an Interactive Dialogue at the United Nations Human Rights Council 21 countries supported Sri lanka while 15 countries against the position of the Sri Lankan government.

Fifteen countries including Canada, Uk , Norway, Germany and USA spoke against Sri lanka.
UK states about millitarization of government functions and harassments of civil rights. Also they mentioned about the mandatory cremation policy in sri lanka.

Canada also had the same concerns while Australia mentioned about the freedom in media and to ensure its legal framework including counter-terrorism legislation is in line with international standards.

How ever countries like India and Japan took neutral positions for the factors.

Also 21 countries including China, Russia, Pakistan,North korea, Iran, Philippines,Vietnam, Syria, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Maldives, Cuba, Nicaragua, Belarus, Eritrea, Cambodia, Gabon, Egypt and Laos supported Sri lanka.