Fifteen Muslim Parliament Ministers Meests Pakisthan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakisthan prime minister Imran Khan arrived to sri lanka yesterday for a official state visit of two days. Yesterday he met Sri lankan prime ministers Mahinda Rajapaksha and today 25th February he is going to meet President Gotabaya Rajapaksha at presidential secretariat.

Also Fifteen Muslim parliamentarians met Pakisthani prime minister Imran Khan yesterday at shangriLa hotel colombo. The parliment ministers talk the issue of burial of Muslim Covid 19 victims in sri lanka reprecenting the sri lankam Muslim community.

Sri lankan muslim congress leaderRauff Hakeem tweeted saying ;;
” He expressed confidence in the capacity of our Leaders to improve harmony among all Sri Lankans and address their citizens grievances with view to foster goodwill among nations,”

Sri lankan government yet not decided to give permission for burial of the remains of the Muslim covid 19 victims in Sri lanka.