Eight foreign nationalities including Nigerians were arrested over a 1.7 milion rupees of online fraud

organized crime group of foreign nationals has been arrested by Kelaniya Divisional Crime Investigation Unit. A complaint loged at Peliyagoda police station yesterday lead to the whole investigations procedure. Eight people were arrested with six Nigerians with a sri lankan couple.

They have found 79 SIM cards of different foreign countries,two computers and papers use to print fake money at the Lavenia house where all Nigerians were stayed.

The scamers had claimed that the victim had won a prize online. Then they reprted to the victim to deposit money in order to receive the prize. This whole scamming was done by organised group using different SIM cards.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana states that these type of online scammings and frauds happening in sri lanka these days.