Sri Lankan Bribery and Corruption Investigation Commission received over 1800 cases

Over 1,800 complaints have been received by the Bribery or Corruption Investigation Commission this year.

A spokesman for the commission stated that as of October 31 of this year, 1,861 complaints had been received by the bribery commission.

 The highest number of complaints have been received regarding bribery and corruption cases and the number of complaints 620.

In addition to this, the commission stated that it has received 64 complaints regarding corruption and irregularities related to assets and stated that it has conducted about 50 raids related to the complaints received.

 Regarding the complaints received by the Bribery Commission, 72 reports have been called at the institutional level and another 328 complaints have been referred to other institutions for further investigation.

A spokesperson of the Bribery Commission said that investigations of 719 complaints not related to the Bribery Act have been suspended from the complaints received by the Commission.