An attack to Consulate General of India office in Jaffna Sri Lanka

According to Jaffna Police, two people have been arrested in connection with a bottle attack at the entrance gate of the Consulate General of India located on Marutadi Road, Jaffna.

Jaffna police was informed by the security officer after the bottle attack was hit by a vehicle driving on the Marutadi road in front of the consulate general’s office where the entrance gate was installed.

Later, the Jaffna police officers came to the consulate general office and searched and found the broken bottle near the entrance and the persons involved in the attack were searched with the help of CCTV footage.

Later, the police took steps to arrest two persons residing in the Jaffna district on suspicion of the related attack and questioned the suspects regarding the related attack.

Jaffna police said that according to the information received from the suspects, they accidentally threw the bottle of alcohol while traveling in the vehicle and there is no information that it was a deliberate attack on the Indian Consulate General office.

 However, the Jaffna Police, who are conducting investigations, added that the law will be implemented against the suspects who were arrested for drinking and indecent behavior in a public place.