New proposal about Sri Lanka, to be debated in the Human Rights Council

The debate regarding the new resolution submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the human rights situation in Sri Lanka is scheduled to be held today (06).

It is stated that the relevant proposal regarding Sri Lanka has been submitted to the Human Rights Council under the theme of reconciliation, accountability and promotion of human rights.

The proposal was presented at the initiative of several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, Canada, Malawi, Montenegro and North Macedonia, and so far it has received the support of about 30 countries.

 It is reported that the new resolution of the Human Rights Council on Sri Lanka has included the points of the previously adopted resolutions as well as several other clauses.

Matters such as increasing military influence, lack of transparency in government governance, and non-punishment for serious human rights violations have been included in the relevant proposal.

 This situation has become a major obstacle to the rule of law, harmony and sustainable peace as well as development in Sri Lanka, according to the proposal submitted to the Human Rights Council.

As a solution to the economic problems, the Government of Sri Lanka has welcomed the staff agreement proposal with the International Monetary Fund and it is said that corruption has had a severe negative impact on the human rights situation in the country.

 Therefore, the relevant resolution has indicated that the protection and promotion of human rights as well as the fight against corruption should be strengthened.

It further states that peaceful protests help to strengthen democratic systems, and despite the addition of amendments to the Prevention of Terrorism Act, people will still be arrested under it. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ali Sabri said that a poll is requested regarding the relevant proposal.

However, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also stated that Sri Lanka will not be able to defeat the proposal.