New rag incident at Peradeniya University – 4 admitted to hospital

Another rag incident has happened at Peradeniya University recently.

A group of students assaulted 11 female students of the Faculty of Law who was eating at the university’s Frog Canteen.

The reason for the attack was that the students who were against the anti-rag were eating in the canteen while they were forbidden to eat in the canteen.

The students who are against raging have been banned from eating in the canteen in this way by a group of students who are supported by the political parties who are implementing rag in the university.

 Two male students and two female students of the Faculty of Law of Peradeniya University who were injured due to the attack had to be taken to hospital.

The university administration has now decided to suspend the classes of three students of the Faculty of Arts in connection with the attack.