Sri Lankan Dhamma school pledge

Buddhist children in Sri Lanka are attending dhamma school every Sunday morning. Dhamma school is a school, especially for Buddhist children in Sri Lanka. There is a different syllabus and examination system decided by the government for dhamma schools. Children are learning, Buddha teaching, Buddhist culture, pali language and many things related to Buddhism.

There is a pledge for the students and the children are saying it every dhamma school day in the morning assembly. Here is the English translation of the pledge;

The Dhamma school pledge

As a student of Dhamma school, I study tremendous Buddhism with passion by associating with the temple. I observe  Buddhist penances and do Buddhist rituals daily. I worship triple gems and meditate daily.

I worship my parents in the morning and evening. I behave with obedience and respect to the Sangha, Elders and teachers.

 I help others as much as possible and live in harmony with everyone.

I love my motherland, my nationality and my religion by all my life. I will develop my Dhamma knowledge and will not be shaken by the eight vicissitudes of life.