Public protest in Sri Lanka-The chief jailer is in trouble with Damita’s ‘Jara Ganu’ (bad women) story.. investigation begins..

Commissioner General of Prisons Mr. Thushara Upuldeniya has ordered the Welikada Prison Superintendent to investigate the public statement made to the media by film and television actress Ms. Damita Abeyratne, who was released on bail from remand prison.

Ms. Damita Abeyratne, who made a statement to the media after being released on bail, stated that the chief jailer of the women’s section of the Welikada prison said that the higher officials ordered her to be put in a place where there are dirty women in the prison

A prison officer said that if a female prison officer had made such a statement against the higher officials of the department, it would have been a serious situation, so the investigation has been started.

 Damita told the media that she was detained in the women’s section of the Welikada prison in a dirty place near a toilet.