The Sri Lankan Karate team that went to England to participate in the Commonwealth Karate Do Championship has been deported from England

The Sri Lankan Karate team that Went to England recently to participate in the Commonwealth Karate Do Championship has been deported from England.

Accordingly, this event was scheduled to hold in Birmingham, England from the 5th to the 7th of this month. Also, The Sri Lankan team received visas to participate at the last moment, on the 27th.

However, due to this delay, the team members were able to book seats on the same flight, So they left for England on 3 separate planes. Also sports Ministry spends a lot of money to get visas for these athletes had been given by the Ministry.

But the sad incident is that Air tickets and other expenses were settled with the personal money of the players.

The Sri Lankan team, which reached England in such a situation, was severely questioned there and the immigration authorities took
immediate action to deport back to Sri Lanka.

Also There they questioned the players Are there any preparations for the players to escape in England?

 Also, the England immigration authorities continued to question the documents of the players. Not only that they questioned them under whose supervision we they were and who signed the relevant documents. Not only that It is stated that they have inquired about the accuracy of the relevant documents in various ways.

Also, a doubt has now arisen that someone has sent a petition to the England authorities regarding this matter.
In such a background, the Minister of Sports commenting in this regard said If anyone has done such an act in a harmful manner to the future of sportspersons and the reputation of Sri Lanka, they will be punished accordingly.