What is happening in Sri Lanka- Privatisation of banks in Sri Lanka

Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka, says that the privatization of banks without applying the law to the people who destroyed the banks is not a solution to the crisis.

He also points out that the privatization of public institutions will not solve everything.

Mr Ranawaka, while commenting on the budget speech delivered by the President as the Minister of Finance, regarding the management of public expenditure, further emphasized that all public institutions should be subjected to a management audit.

He also explained the importance of working under the policy of ‘one institution for one work’, pointing out that by doing so, the number of government institutions in the country can be reduced to about 2/3.

In addition, Mr. Ranawaka pointed out the possibility of improving the efficiency of the public service by creating a process of evaluation of institutions and conducting a ‘work audit’ starting from the heads of departments, giving practical examples of his work as a minister.

Mr Ranawaka also presented his suggestions regarding increasing the technical efficiency of government institutions and identifying new sources of income.