The tallest building in South Asia opening in Sri Lanka, -‘ Lotus Tower’ Sri Lanka is planned to start operations on September 15

Adding a new experience to the people of Sri Lanka, the operation of the “Lotus Tower”, the tallest building in South Asia, is planned to Start on September 15.

With the commencement of operations of the Lotus Tower, which was built at a cost of nearly 113 million US dollars, “Colombo Lotus Tower Pvt.

The construction of the Lotus Tower was started in 2012 and on February 28, 2022, the construction was completed and handed over to the Government of Sri Lanka.

The Chinese company has provided 88.65 million US dollars and the rest has been used by the Sri Lankan government

The loan instalment payments are to be completed by the year 2024. 66.3936 million US dollars in loans have already been paid.

Colombo, Nelum Kuluna Private Company is a company established in March this year under the Treasury, and all its transactions are audited by the Auditor General’s Department.

 Retired Major General Prasad Samarasinghe, Chief Administrative Officer of Colombo Nelum Kuluna Private Company, says that it is planned to provide entertainment and new technology experiences like in the rich countries of the world.

Mr Samarasinghe revealed that so far 80% of local investors and 20% of foreign investors have invested in the Lotus Tower.

discussions have been held with 58 investors, out of which 22 investors are expressing their willingness to enter into agreements so far.

As of December 31 this year, orders for 15 different festivals have already been received, Colombo Lotus Tower Pvt. Mr Samarasinghe further mentioned that it is planned to carry out all these operations successfully from January next year.

 The Lotus Tower operations have been equipped to meet the demands of the people and become a haven for the new youth, and it covers an area of ​​10.5 acres. With the commencement of operations, anyone can get a ticket and enjoy this experience.

A ticket for that is 500 rupees and 2000 rupees and a foreigner should get a ticket of 20 US dollars. Anyone who gets a 2000 rupees ticket can enter the premises without queuing and can even go up the tower a few times. A person who gets the 500 rupee ticket can go up the tower only once. There are plans to introduce a QR code instead of a ticket in the next few months.

Visitors to the Lotus Tower can experience famous restaurants and souvenir shops on the ground floor, and several famous commercial banks are also planned to be established on the ground floor. The first floor is expected to be used for office facilities and a digital cinema is also available here. At the request of people and companies, measures have been taken to provide the investors with the rent based on square feet.

The third floor has a conference hall that can accommodate about 400 people at a time. The open floor is designed to be available for various recreational activities. The lotus bud-shaped first floor has a conference hall that can seat about 400 people, and the upper floor is equipped with a revolving elevator. In the top viewing room, there is the opportunity to enjoy a new experience “Under the Colombo sky”.

Lotus Tower has three of the fastest elevators in Sri Lanka, and it is designed under Japanese technology. All these experiences will be opened to the public after the 15th.

Presidential Media Division