The dead body of the missing boy found on Talagala Oya

The Nuwara Eliya police said that the body of a young man who was missing from his home was found in Talagala Oya where the water flowed from Gregory Lake, Nuwara Eliya on (15).

The body of Sunderalingam Sashidaran (22) who was a resident of the Bambarakele estate in Nuwara Eliya was found in Talagala Oya Nuwara Eliya Police were informed about this dead body in Talagala Oya, where water flows into Gregory Lake through the Nuwara Eliya horse racing arena, on the morning of (15) by an employee of the resort belonging to the Ministry of Sports.

The relative of the deceased youth reported to the Nuwara Eliya Police last (06) that the young man had disappeared, and the relative identified the dead body found in Talagala Oya on (15) as the body of the missing young man.

 The security camera of the children’s village recorded how the deceased youth fell on the road near the children’s village in the Bambarakele area of ​​Nuwara Eliya and was walking home.