A petition to the court from the Scottish girl who decided to be deported from Sri Lanka, She had actively participated in the gogotagama protest

Kelly Friesen, a Scottish woman, submitted a writ petition to the Court of Appeal asking for an order annulling the decision taken by the Department of Immigration and Emigration to deport her from Sri Lanka.

The Comptroller of Immigration and Immigration and the Attorney General are named as respondents.

 The petition was presented by lawyer Mr Nagananda Kodithuvakku.

The petitioner claims that she actively participated in the Gotagogama protest in Galle’s face.

She pointed out in her petition that the Immigration and Emigration Department then arbitrarily cancelled her visa.

 The petitioner requested the court to declare the decision taken by the Immigration and Emigration Department as illegal without any reasonable basis and to issue a writ of invalidity.