Political Crisis in Sri Lanka-President Ranil teaches America’s law to America’s ambassador and explained Sri Lanka’s constitution too

President Ranil Wickramasinghe has met several foreign ambassadors and high commissioners staying in the country.

There, the President explained at length the deployment of security forces to evacuate the activists who were staying in the President’s Secretariat.

It was reported that the high commissioners and ambassadors of America, Canada, France, Britain, Japan and Australia as well as representatives of the European Union office in Sri Lanka had joined the meeting

Attorney General of Sri Lanka, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabri and Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrs Aruni Wijewardena also participated in the meeting.

 American Ambassador Julie Chung has said that she is concerned about the way the security forces worked to remove the protesters from the Presidential Secretariat.

Responding to that, President Ranil Wickramasinghe pointed out that this was the same way when the security forces of the country acted by American law to free the US Capitol building from a group of protesters.

The President has also said that the Presidential Secretariat is the main administrative building in the country and many important documents are kept in the Presidential Secretariat.

President Ranil Wickramasinghe has also stated that although the protestors were given prior notices to leave the Presidential Secretariat on the 14th, 16th and 21st, the protesters refused to leave the premises at a time until 2 pm.

But the President has also said that in a background where it is not possible to give time continuously, the police and security forces were used to evacuate the protesters from the place by the law of the country.

The President also told the ambassador that he was surprised that no party protested against the burning of his private house when he was the Acting President.

The Canadian High Commissioner has said that the Sri Lanka Bar Association has also stated how the protesters were removed from the Presidential Secretariat.

 The President has said that it is not the overall opinion of the Bar Association as he and the Minister of Foreign Affairs participating in the discussion is also a member of the Sri Lanka Bar Association

But it is reported that the President also said that it may be the opinion of the current President of the Sri Lanka Bar Association Mr. Saliya Peiris.

 President Ranil Wickramasinghe has emphasized that he is also a member of the process of drafting the 1978 Constitution and always works by the Constitution of the country.