Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka-All diesel and kerosene plants stopped due to fuel shortage

Kalanitissa Combined Power Plant has been shut down since Friday night due to a lack of fuel.

Ceylon Electricity Board spokesperson Andrew Nawamani said that it is not possible to give a date for the re-operation of the Kelanitissa power plant.

He said that naphtha or diesel should be provided to generate electricity again in those power plants and added that 1 million litres of diesel are required to power the plant.

Several other diesel plants have also been closed due to fuel shortages. At present, other thermal power plants are not operational except the Norochchole coal power plant belonging to the Ceylon Electricity Board.

 At present, about 40% of the electricity demand in this country is supplied by hydropower and thirty 4% by the coal-fired power plant and the other required amount is supplied by fuel combustion and renewable power plants.