Current Situation in Sri Lanka -Some people started to criticise the actions of protesters and reqest president Gotabaya back

Here are some comments on news sites by the public about the current situation in the country and President issuing a new gazette notification

“Good luck and best wishes! Please stop this mob violence and bring back peace to our country.
You can do it!”

“Good president you should not resign if you do this country becomes a Lala land run by some morons. Yes, araglaya is great as long as they can understand what is right and what is wrong. Now it is not aragalaya. It has to stop.”

“No. He shouldn’t be resigning. The president should continue his presidency and start taking control back. If Ranil Wickrsmasinghe can do it why not President Gotabaya Rajapaksha?
Let the military crush these traitors. They are some kind of a terrorist group. Now everyone knows that JVP and Peratugamee parties are behind it, give them the same treatment what go in 87/88
No other solution. Destroy these monsters. Bring back The President Gotabaya Rajapaksha and restore law and order.”

“Ranil shall be the president. He is the only solution to maintain discipline in sri lanka. He is educated and well experienced. He has international support. He also has the backing parliament majority. Fingers Cross for better future and escape these idiots on the roads.”

“The Ranil Wicks is no longer Primer ,he is supposed to be Acting President of our Republic of Sri Lanka.
While according to him he is working action President of Island. Therefor No Needed to elected New President by majority of members of Parliment . That is legal term which reamin until anothet yeras to come?”

“Congratulations R.W you can stand up against these hooligans, wish you all the best.”

“This guy will destroy SL in no time. He does not have any feelings and totally benumbed. He was ready to divide part of SriLanka and offer to LTTE when he was in power. He has also destroyed, whole Srilankan economy by unethical and brutal actions like bond scam and Easter attack. Most strangely few of Srilankans think he has brains to resolve crisis economy and recover. No doubt he will borrow more loans and put SL into more debts and create chaotic and pathetic path for next generation. He has no mission to serve Srilankan people. He has hidden agendas to become president of SL and he does not care the pain and suffering of innocent people as he is a inhuman. Eradicate this lunatic ass hole from politics and should be given maximum imprisonment for his stubborn and irresponsible behaviour and actions”

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