An Unidentified Disease Widely Spreading in North Korea

North Korea is often maintained as an isolated country from the rest of the world. Although they named the country where the corona disease did not spread, a few months ago acknowledged that the corona pandemic came in the face of a rapid spread.

But the North Korean leader said there was no need for vaccinations and urged citizens to trust the country’s medicine.

Meanwhile, foreign reports say that Kim Jong Un is worried about a disease spreading again in the country. The state channel KCNA reports that an “unidentified gastrointestinal disease” has begun to spread in the southern province of Hwanghae.

According to the state media, Kim Jong Un and his family have been involved in the treatment and the drugs have been sent to the southwest of the country.

At least 800 families are affected by the disease. It has been reported that disinfection activities, including sewage and other contaminants, are being carried out to ensure the safety of drinking and domestic water.

 However, they are trying to solve the disease on their own and have not even given the WHO a chance to look into it.