Islamic fundamentalists attack Yoga Day in the Maldives, calling yoga is a sin

The eighth International Yoga Day is celebrated around the world yesterday.

 The Maldives’ Mal Galolu National Football Stadium has reported a disturbance during a yoga program. A group of Islamic fundamentalists stormed the stadium and sabotaged the event.

During the program, more than 100 people rushed to the stadium carrying flags and chased away the crowd. Meanwhile, posters, banners and billboards related to yoga erected in the stadium were smashed by radicals. They also attacked those who were videotaping the incident.

The fundamentalists also held placards and several posters The slogan was written against the yoga system – ‘Yoga is Shirk’, that is, ‘Yoga is a sin in Islam’.

President Ibrahim Mohammed Soli has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Six persons have been arrested so far in connection with the incident. The event was organized by the Indian Cultural Center in the Maldives, Was attended by several high-ranking diplomats and government officials.

 Fundamentalists attacked as soon as the program began on Tuesday morning. There have been reports of threats to stop the program.