Apple store going to make a union in the USA

The majority of its employees have reportedly agreed to form a union at an Apple store in Tovison, Maryland, USA. This is the first trade union to be formed in an Apple store in the country.

Out of 110 employees of the shop, 65 voted in favour and 33 against. The vote was the result of a proposal by a group of employees known as the AppleCORE (Coalition of Organized Retail Employees) to form a trade union. Commenting after the vote, the group said, “We did that in Tovison ‘. We won our trade union election. We thank all those who worked hard for this. ”

Following the formation of the union, employees will have the opportunity to submit their demands to Apple regarding their pay, working hours and job security. This is not the first attempt to form a union in an Apple Store in the United States.

But in all previous instances, that work failed. However, this is the first time that a referendum has been held among workers to form a new union. Foreign media have inquired about the formation of this union from Apple, and It is said that the company has taken steps to refuse to respond to it.