Controversy in India over a young woman claiming to be married alone- A slap to male-dominant Indian society

The decision to marry a young woman from Vadodara Subhanpura in the Indian state of Gujarat has been hotly debated. She has also been opposed by society. Shama Bindu, 24, has been invited to get married on June 11 But her marriage without an assistant is currently under discussion. The fact is that Shama is going to marry herself.

She has no groom. This marriage is known as the first self-marriage in Gujarat. “I never wanted to get married, but I wanted to be a bride, so I decided to marry myself,” Shama Bindu said. “Perhaps I was the first girl to set an example of self-love in our country.” She said.

The Deputy Chairman of the Bharathiya Janatha Party in Vadodara has protested against this. He had stated that The marriage of this girl should not be performed in any temple in Vadodara, even in the Mahadev Kovil. Also, He says marriage is against Indian culture and Hinduism.

Shama Bindu works for a private company in Vadodara Subhanpura.

The protesters told that she is a woman with a distorted mentality.

“This is an act that damages the faith of the temple. This is not a marriage but an act of distorting the minds of the children of society. It is an anti-Hindu act. The charges should be f filed against her.” They said

However, Shama Bindu’s parents are also happy with their daughter’s decision. Men may think this kind of marriage is inappropriate, but we want to say that women are also important.

She marries the man she loves. I love myself so I’m going to get self-married. she says. We let her. Parents have informed the media.

After the wedding, Shama chose Goa for her honeymoon, where she would stay for two weeks.