A political crisis erupted again in Pakistan

A political upheaval has once again erupted in Pakistan, with supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan trying to bring him back to power.

Imran Khan has returned after a six-day final announcement from incumbent Prime Minister Shabas that the election would be declared. Imran has reached D-Chok near Islamabad with his millions of supporters.

There were also clashes between Imran’s PTI supporters and the police. Police fired tear gas at Khan’s supporters. Islamabad was also declared a Red Zone because former Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was going on a freedom march.

 At the same time, the Ministry of Home Affairs had instructed to deploy the army for security reasons. Imran, a PTI activist inciting violence, was targeted by ruling party leader Mariam Nawaz during his liberation march.

Mariam said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers were inciting violence on the orders of the former prime minister. She said the Supreme Court had allowed protests peacefully but would not accept them.

 Imran’s party is demanding the immediate resignation of Shahbaz Sharif’s 13-party coalition government. Although they have called for the formation of a caretaker government and the holding of early elections, the term of parliament has been extended to August next year.

During a rally on Tuesday, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the United States of plotting to overthrow his government. Targeting the Shahbaz Sharif government, he said the thieves had captured the country.

 “I hope the Supreme Court and the military will stand up for the truth. The military can no longer say that it is neutral. Are indifferent creatures. I repeat, we came out to do jihad, politics goes a long way. He shouted.