Russia Ukraine war-The United States is skeptical of Moscow’s claims that Ukraine is retreating

Russia’s statements that US and Ukrainian officials would reduce military operations around the Ukrainian capital “drastically” were questionable, with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying on Tuesday that “positive” signals from existing talks would not “suppress Russian shelling.”

In the United States, President Joe Biden has said he will not “read” statements “until I see what their actions are.” Biden said the United States has no plans to lift sanctions or military aid to Ukraine.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby was also skeptical, describing the Russian military operation as a “relocation” and said only a small number of troops had left.

. “We are not prepared to call this a setback or a withdrawal,” Kirby told reporters, warning that the shift could herald a “major” attack elsewhere in the country.

 Earlier, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister said that Moscow would reduce military presence near Kiev when Russian and Ukrainian representatives meet in Istanbul for a round of peace talks.

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