Why BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung’s Bag Now Costs Over Rs 26 Lakhs?

V aka Kim Taehyung recently launched a Mute Boston Bag with this artist made collection of brochures.

The artist made merchandise collection by BTS was the hottest topic on air now.ARMY around the the world were super excited and fightef hard to buy their idols merch.

Among all of the merch a Mute Boston Bag from V aka Kim Taehyung was in very high demand.

The bag was initially priced at $153.28 which is nearly Rs 31100. However the bag was sold out within minutes, ARMY members noticed that the same bag was later available on eBay.

Soon after, several fans started bidding on the singer’s bag. With over 80 bids in a short period of time, the bag’s price crossed $12,900 which is over Rs 2617000 lakh.

This made many fans furious and they even complain the company to take action against the resellers.

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