A special notice from Police residents of Colombo

Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa stated that a special program will be launched today to obtain information on persons who have come to Colombo from various parts of the country to perform their duties.

Police say the aim is to ensure national security and curb crime and drug activities in the city of Colombo.

Information will be collected on all temporary occupants of permanent residents’ homes, business premises, institutions, public or private premises, construction sites, etc. within the Colombo Municipal Council area.

 Accordingly, this program will be held today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (14,15,16).

If there are temporary occupants in the above places, during these three days you should obtain a specially prepared form from the Community Police Officers who visit the streets of the area or from the nearest police station and enter the correct details of the persons concerned and submit it to the Police or Police Station. 

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