The man who connected with the explosion near churches in England is a Syrian refugee

According to foreign reports Bomber killed in a car bomb blast outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital identified as Enzo Alumni.

The suicide bomber in the taxi was identified as a pizza baker from Syria and a refugee from Syria who had converted to Christianity.

It has been revealed that 32-year-old Enzo Almani came to the UK from Iraq a few years ago and converted from Islam to Christianity in 2017. Friends said Al-Amini was born to a Syrian father and an Iraqi mother and is believed to have spent most of his life in Iraq.

He was arrested in 2014 for possession of a ‘large knife’ after his refugee’s application was rejected. As a result, he was convicted under the Mental Health Act and later hospitalized for several months.

Alumni spent most of his time in Liverpool, UK, where he enlisted the help of Christian volunteers from a church network that helps refugees. He spent eight months with fellow Christians Malcolm and Elizabeth Hitchcott at their home in the Igburth district of Liverpool.

Alumni converted to Christianity at Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool four years ago, and is expected to strike on Memorial Sunday as 1,200 soldiers, veterans and the families of the dead gathered to observe 11 minutes of silence.

It is believed he initially asked driver Perry to take him to the Cathedral, but he stopped coming because of traffic and road closures.

Hero taxi driver David Perry has died after being locked into a cab and turned into a fireball outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Detectives and MI5 spies are investigating whether the bombing was an Islamist-inspired attack and whether Al-Amini plotted to assassinate himself and others.

Four 20-, 21-, 26- and 29-year-old men have been released from custody in Kensington, Liverpool, on suspicion of terrorism.

On Monday evening, Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Meeks said: “Our investigation is largely ongoing. The deceased has been identified as 32-year-old Emad al-Swalemeen. He’s linked to both Rutland Avenue and Sutcliffe Street and is still being searched. “

Meanwhile, the level of the national terrorist threat in England has risen from a significant level to a severe level, which means that further attacks are “likely to increase”.

Home Secretary Preethi Patel said the level had been raised as there had been two attacks in a month.