A country that one million people died annually due to air pollution

The Chief Justice of India has requested the Government of India to take action to reduce air pollution in New Delhi.

According to foreign media reports, air pollution in New Delhi is very high, Indian Chief Justice N.V. Mr Ramaner pointed out. As in other years, air quality in the Indian capital, New Delhi, has plummeted.

In October and November, New Delhi is shrouded in poisonous smoke after Diwali celebrations and the burning of hay leftover from plantations.

It is reported that fireworks during the festive season also cause the air quality to drop. However, Indian sources said that people were strongly opposed to the ban on fireworks during the festive season.

A private study has revealed that about 80% of families in New Delhi suffer from headaches and shortness of breath.

According to a new study, Air pollution has caused these diseases. Air pollution kills more than one million people in India every year.

Many cities in the world are on the list of the most polluted cities in the world.

 Environmental law enforcement in those cities is at a low ebb, foreign reports added.