Budget proposals to reduce the cost of living pressure

There are several proposals in this year’s budget to ease the cost of living pressure. Accordingly, it has been proposed to identify economically poor families at the Grama Niladhari Division level and provide them with a relief package.

The budget has allocated Rs. 15,000 million for its implementation.

Meanwhile, it has been proposed to extend the nutrition package worth Rs. 10,000 provided to pregnant mothers for up to 10 months by extending it for 24 months i.e. up to two years continuously.

In addition to the current allocation of Rs. 4,000 million, Rs. 1,000 million has been allocated for this program.

 Meanwhile, Rs. 15,000 million has been allocated for the establishment of a Grama Niladhari Division level program to establish a network of small supermarkets for women entrepreneurs.

 Meanwhile, Rs. 31,000 million has been allocated for the Home Economic Security Program to transform the people into self-sufficient, nutritious and self-sufficient.

Allocations of Rs. 1,000 million have been made to protect the elderly community and to facilitate those with special needs.