A pair of antique diamond jewellery belongs to Queen Marie Antoinette famous for the quote “Let them eat cake if they don’t have bread” sold for an unexpected price

A pair of diamond jewelry belonging to the French royal family has been sold at a public auction.

That’s a piece of jewellery $ 8.18 million. A pair of diamond jewelry that has belonged to the European royal family for nearly 200 years has been auctioned off by the world-renowned Christie’s Auction Company. jewellery auction included a pair of diamond jewelry belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette of France.

Christie’s expects the diamond pair to sell for between $ 2 million and $ 4 million. However, it received a bid of US $ 8.18 million.

It is reported that 112 diamonds were inlaid on the pair of dresses which were encrusted in a blue velvet box. Queen Marie Antoinette, who was killed in the guillotine in 1793, had sent these garments to her daughter before she was assassinated.

She became a symbol of the excesses of the monarchy and is often credited with the famous quote “Let them eat cake” although there is no evidence she actually said it.