The daily loss of Litro gas is 800 lakhs the price should be increased – Litro Chairman

Litro Gas Company Chairman Thushara Jayasinghe says that the company is losing around Rs. 80 million a day by supplying gas at current prices.

He added that if this continues, Litro will also have to apply for a loan.

He also said that the company had spent Rs. 10 billion in reserves this year alone by releasing gas to the market at a loss.

He added that there had been no response to the long-standing demand for an increase in gas prices to keep the company afloat.

The chairman said that the current prices in the world market are $ 368 per metric tonne of gas.

But today, a metric ton of gas in the world market has risen to $ 665 and is expected to rise to $ 740 next month, he added.