I am not stupid to take women and friends inside or threaten the prisoners – Lohan Ratwatte

Minister of State Lohan Ratwatte has stated that it is true that he went to the Anuradhapura and Welikada prisons but did not take women and friends inside or threaten the prisoners.

He further states that he went there without prior notice for a visit to the prison and he had not threatened the inmates of the Anuradhapura prison and that he was not stupid enough to do so and had only gone there for a general investigation.

He also said that he had attended the Welikada Prison gallows as a routine investigation but was not drunk and was not accompanied by friends or a woman.

He said that as the Minister in charge of the subject, he could visit twenty-nine prisons and rehabilitation centers across the country at any time of the day or night without knowing anyone and to know what was going on in them.