A hospital closed and patients are left behind waiting for staff to come

The Westhole Regional Hospital, which was taken over by the government under the office of the Director of Central Provincial Health Services, has been closed for three years, leaving patients in six estates around the hospital in dire straits.

Residents of the West Hall Estate Hospital said that the hospital was taken over by the government in 2009 under a project to take over the hospital and that the hospital was renovated and maintained until 2018.

Patients who came to the hospital for treatment further said that no doctor has been employed at the hospital for the past three years and the nurses at the Nawalapitiya Medical Officer of Health’s office visit the hospital once a month to check the medical records of patients attending clinics and provide medicines only.

Residents say the closure of Westhole Regional Hospital is destroying medical equipment and buildings, and that the grounds around the hospital are in a state of disrepair.

 Residents of the Nawalapitiya Westhole Regional Hospital are requesting that a doctor and a medical staff be attached to the hospital and reopen.