Do not bring tourists to Sri Lanka , ‘Bio Bubble’ does not work with Delta – Medical Association says

Dr. Lakshman Edirisinghe, President of the Government Medical Practitioners’ Association, says that the authorities should reconsider when making decisions at a time like this when Delta variety is sweeping across Sri Lanka and a higher number of covid patients reported daily as well as the number of deaths is on the rise.

“The capacity of some hospitals has reached a maximum due to covid patients. The entire health staff, including doctors, is being embarrassed. ”

He emphasizes that the economy should be taken care of but every decision should be made on a scientific basis. He made this statement while appearing on a television program.

The journalist questioned the views of the Government Medical Professionals Association on the government’s move to bring in tourists from Israel in the wake of the failed attempt to bring in Ukrainian tourists by 2020.

Mr. Edirisinghe said that at a time when Sri Lanka is also at its maximum health capacity, it should be done on a scientific basis in decision making at a time when the health system is in crisis even in countries that attract such tourists.

When attracting tourists under a biobubble, the country’s system must be prepared for that. Dr. Edirisinghe also stressed that there is a risk of a crisis situation by making decisions based on one-sided factors.

“Biobubble can be considered an accepted method under special circumstances. For example, when playing, bring a team as a bio-bubble. We need to take a very small group of people and continue to carefully monitor them and take them away without exposing them” he added