A funeral corona cluster started in Vavuniya, Public Health Inspectors are searching for associates

The Vavuniya Public Health Inspectorate has identified 28 persons who had attended a funeral at a house in the Pattaipirandakulam area in Olumaduwa, Vavuniya as infected with covid 19.

The funeral was held at a house in the village of Pattepirindakulama, Olumaduwa on the 24th and out of the 30 people who attended the funeral, 28 were identified as having Covid infection.

Two persons were admitted to the Puliyankulama Hospital in Vavuniya due to a sudden fever at the house where the funeral was held. Later tests identified them as covid infected.

Based on the information that was later revealed, antigen tests were carried out on 30 people who were present at the funeral and 28 of them were identified along with the first two.

According to the Vavuniya Public Health Inspectors, further investigations are underway to find their associates and quarantine them.